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I am so grateful to you for all your support and constancy over the last two weeks. You helped me find my footing when the world was spinning – when words from other professionals reverberated with fear and drama. You honored my word.. You stood with us, and your presence reminded me what is important to our family – trusting the dog and the process. …Once I moved past the reactive emotions…, I felt a lot better. …It feels like your approach as a vet, is to offer a STEADIER, SANER, AND MORE TRUSTING ALTERNATIVE. Cecelia C.

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Spring into Wild-Fermentation!

Garlic Mustard, Wild-Edibles, Cancer-Cure,...

(The Story of Jack’s Emergency) Sensible, Holistic Veterinary Care Reduces Stress And Saves Money

There was urgency in the man and woman’s voices. The little dog was dragging a rear leg and had some deep gashes in its side. I dropped the clump of dirt and grass, threw on a shirt, pants and shoes, and grabbed my leather vet bag… His skin was crackling… when air is trapped under the skin.

Medicinal Rosemary for your Dog or Cat’s Health

Rosmarinus officinalis   “rose of the sea”...

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